Þörf fyrir farþegabíla jafnvíga á vegi og erfiðar torfærur hefur verið mætt með breyttum jeppum og sendibílum.

Nú er komið að næsta skrefi.

Ísar eru fyrstu farþegabílar heims gerðir frá grunni fyrir 46-54” dekk. Hönnun Ísar er niðurstaða víðtæks samráðs fjölda aðila í ofurjepparekstri og björgun með aðilum í hönnun og smíði. Ísar fást 4, 6 eða 8 dyra, fyrir allt að 18 manns, knúnir endurnýjanlegri orku eftir óskum kaupenda. Hönnun er lokið, smíði fyrsta eintaks er á lokastigum og raðsmíði áætluð 2019-2020.

Markmið Ísar er einfalt: Að skapa bestu götuskráðu ofurjeppa heims.



   4 door:  4.700 mm

   6 door:  5.550 mm

   8 door:  6.400 mm

Width:: 2.550 mm

Max inside width: 2.400 mm

Height (road setting): 2.050 mm

Curb weight: <3.000 kg

GVW: 4.800 kg

Tyres: 46”-54”

Suspension: All independent, fully adjustable, 40 cm wheel travel


Engines: GM L86 V8 6,2l 420 hp/625 Nm, biomethane/petrol/methanol

           VM 630 EcoDiesel V6 3,0l 240 hp/570 Nm, diesel/biomethane

Transmisson: ZF 8 speed, 4,7-0,67:1

Transfer box: BW/Atlas, 2-4 speed, up to 11,7:1 reduction

Differential rear: Dana 80

Differential front: 10” Currie











The time has come to take the inevitable step beyond the Icelandic extreme "Supertruck" 4x4 modifications.

Reconstructed, flotation-tyred trucks and vans from Iceland carry people across the Antarctic, over the Greenland icecap, and serve 365 days a year in the brutal Icelandic Highlands. Now, based on this experience, we are building a clean sheet design for up to 18 people, running 46"-54" diameter tyres.

The goal is simple: To revolutionize the transport of people in areas of low or no infrastructure, anywhere, anytime.

Let's take an example: It takes a day of shaking over a bumpy road for people of a community to get to the nearest point for hospitals, or just shopping. Ideally, a motorway would be built, but the cost is prohibitive. Instead, Ísar vehicles ply the route, at same speeds and with same comfort as if the roads were smooth. The journey time is cut in half, with a fraction of the investment for road infrastructure for road vehicles.

The Ísar is purpose designed around people, with visibility, accessibility, comfort and amenities never seen before in this elevated class of vehicles. The fully driver controlled High Ground Coverage air suspension with adjustable damping manages a full 40 centimetres of free travel. Yet, in spite of the extreme off-road performance, Ísar vehicles are built to fully comply with applicable European Road Vehicle Standards, and therefore have a global market.

The Ísar is a modular platform, initially available in three lengths, 4 door, 6 door or 8 door. The rear offers a short overhang for absolute off-road performance, or longer overhang for more luggage space. Future variants are a 2.15m wide Medium Duty, and 1.8m wide Light duty derivative of our flexible modular design.

Two powertrains are initially available:

The extremely efficient VM 630 diesel/biogas V6, 240hp/570Nm, coupled with the ZF 8HP eight speed automatic transmission and Borg Warner 2.6:1, transfer case.

The powerful GM L86 petrol/biogas/ethanol/methanol V8, 420hp/625Nm, coupled with a 10 speed GM transmission and 2.7:1 transfer case.

Replacement of fossil fuel use for non-carbon emitting energy is integrated into the basic design. We are working on our Extreme Mobility Electric Propulsion concept, to allow access to pristine nature without polluting.

The drivetrain is specced to take all the use and abuse we know such vehicles are subjected to in the extreme environments we love to explore. As an example, we install Dana 80 rear and 10 inch Currie front differentials, highly oversized components, for years of reliable work, ending the fragility and enormous maintenance needs of current modified "supertruck" vans and SUVs. 

The Ísar is built mainly from 5054 aluminium alloy, for lightness, stiffness and to end the rust propensity of mild steel bodies. Super high strength Swedish Weldox steel is used for suspension parts and subframes, galvanized and/or epoxy coated for decades of duty. Due to the clean-sheet approach, materials choices and "No Dead Luggage" design concept, the Ísar is lighter than any current full-house modified 4x4 of similar capacity by one to two tons.

The Ísar´s looks is the work of Automotive Designer Bjarni Hjartarson, graduate from IED in Torino, Italy. Form in this case in fact follows function, and all the usual add-ons for normal modded 4x4´s are designed into the Ísar. Snorkel engine air intake, massive aluminium skid pan, extensive lighting all around, and a big-screen cockpit more like a modern aeroplane´s than the usual messy modified 4x4´s HMI, ergonomically integrating all functions.

The Ísar is a dedicated tool for safe, non-destructive travel in wilderness areas. Our "LIGHTFOOT" environmental concept can help spare nature from suffering intrusive road infrastructure. Instead, Ísar vehicles can carry passengers at normal road speeds over "bad" roads or no roads at all. Ísar impacts natural surfaces minimally through the huge Low Ground Pressure tyres, and is in general designed, from the outset, to impact our besieged environment as little as possible whilst remaining reliable and economical. Powertrains only rely on fossil fuel to the extent necessary to ensure occupant safety far away from built-up areas. The first prototype economically uses biogas from local household waste, geothermally produced methanol is an option for our spark-ignited powertrain, and electric hybrid to fully electric solutions are in development. 


Ísar is a brand of Jakar ehf in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, engineers and fabricators, aiming to change the way people travel in areas of low or no infrastructure, globally.

We operate with a cluster of specialist companies, each responsible for a share of the project.